Male Straight

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Male Straight

A.Series B.Series C.Series D.Series
XBDQF-A0401  15x1/2″F  XBDQF-B0401  1/2"x1/2″F  XBDQF-C0401  16x1/2″F  XBDQF-D0401  1/2"x1/2″F 
XBDQF-A0402  22x3/4″F  XBDQF-B0402  3/4"X3/4″F  XBDQF-C0402  20x3/4″F  XBDQF-D0402  3/4"x3/4″F 
XBDQF-A0404  28x1″F  XBDQF-B0404  1"x1″F  XBDQF-C0404  25x1″F  XBDQF-D0404  1"x1″F 
XBDQF-A0405  15x3/4″F  XBDQF-B0405  1/2"x3/4″F  XBDQF-C0405  16x3/4″F  XBDQF-D0405  1/2"x3/4″F 
XBDQF-A0406  22x1/2″F  XBDQF-B0406  3/4"x1/2″F  XBDQF-C0406  20x1/2″F  XBDQF-D0406  3/4"x1/2″F 
XBDQF-A0407  28x3/4″F  XBDQF-B0407  1"x3/4″F  XBDQF-C0407  25x3/4″F  XBDQF-D0407  1"x3/4″F 
XBDQF-A0408  18x3/4″F     XBDQF-C0408  1/2″COPPER  XBDQF-D0408  3/8"x1/2″F 
        XBDQF-C0409  3/4″COPPER  XBDQF-D0409  1/4"x1/4″F 
        XBDQF-C0410  12x3/8″F  XBDQF-D0410  1/4"x1/2″F 
        XBDQF-C0411  12x1/2″F  XBDQF-D0411  3/8"x3/8″F 
        XBDQF-C0412  14x3/8″F  XBDQF-D0412  3/4"x1″F 
        XBDQF-C0413  14x1/2″F  XBDQF-D0413  3/8"x3/4″F 
        XBDQF-C0416 14x3/4″F XBDQF-D0414 1/2"x1″F 

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