Quick Fittings: Technical Advantages of Quick Fittings


Yuhuan Xinbaoda Metal Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012 and is located in Yuhuan, Zhejiang Province, the "capital of valves in China". It is a butler enterprise integrating product design and development, production and sales and trade. The company's products such as: quick-connect angle valve, quick-connect pipe fittings, quick-connect ball valve, sae quick connector, yuhuan city wholesale, quick-connect connector, tubing connector, quick-connect connector, etc. In addition, the in-line connection method is used in a series of products such as ball valves, angle valves and water divifiers, which is suitable for pipes made of various environmentally friendly materials that meet international standards. It can be called quick-connect valve manufacturer and quick-connect connector manufacturer.

Quick-connect Pipe Fittings: Technical Advantages of Quick-connect Pipe Fittings

When it comes to quick-connect pipe fittings, each department has its own advantages and strengths! If you want to find a representative, you will think of quick-connect pipe fittings. Its technical advantages are relatively complete and distinctive! Since the listing of fast-connected pipe fittings, fast-connected technology has been continuously combined with the market, and has experienced four generations of changes, and now serves domestic and foreign customers with a better brand image.

Let's take quick-connect pipe fittings as an example and analyze them carefully.

1. quick connect pipe fittings have independent invention patent. Have excellent independent intellectual property rights, is the premise of technological advantage foundation!

2. fast connection technology is a revolutionary milestone pipe connection technology, which makes up for the shortcomings of traditional adhesive and hot melt connection methods, and will replace adhesive and hot melt connection to a large extent. It is the pillar brand of domestic fast connection industry. And copper tube fast-connect technology and stainless steel fast-connect technology have the same effect, throughout Europe, America and Japan and other developed countries, fast-connect technology has become an industry trend.

3. quick-connect pipe fittings do not need glue, hot melt, power supply, special tools, professional skills, can be installed and disassembled with bare hands, with DIY concept, will become a national technology for everyone in thousands of households, with a wide market prospect. People will only be more and more lazy, not more and more diligent, this is the characteristic of human nature. Quick-connect pipe fittings are humanized products, which greatly improve the operating conditions of the pipeline, no more dirty, no more tired, so that water and electricity work more dignified, so that professionals free up time to do more valuable things.

4. quick-connect pipe fittings can quickly connect all plastic pipes, can effectively match the national standard size, breaks the restriction between pipe materials, and has compatibility capability. End users can take pipes according to local conditions (reduce pipe procurement cost), quickly match, and facilitate new installation and emergency repair.

5. quick-connect pipe fittings (universal type) can be used for cold water and hot water, can be installed in open and buried in dark, can be used indoors and outdoors, can be used for water, gas and vacuum, can be used for normal operation under pressure of 1.6MPa, can be cold-resistant to minus 40 degrees, can be heat-resistant to 95 degrees, almost need pipes, is the market for quick-connect pipe fittings.

6. quick-connect pipe fittings can be operated with water and pressure, which has the unparalleled advantages of traditional viscose and hot melt.

7. The wages of skilled workers are becoming more and more expensive now, and will definitely become more expensive in the future. The installation labor cost required for quick-connect fittings is usually 1/3 or even one-tenth of that of traditional hot melt, which can greatly improve the installation efficiency and shorten the construction period, and has already demonstrated the comprehensive cost advantage. Many people like to use a single purchase price to compare costs, completely ignoring the concept of comprehensive costs and hidden costs.